How it works

  • 1 Register your child

  • 2 Select dates to order for

  • 3 Choose delicious menu items

  • 4 Confirm your order and payment

  • 5 Relax while we do the rest

How it works

1 Register your child

Register one or more children to confirm their school and class details. We require your contact telephone number and email address to send order and payment confirmations. 

You will then receive a password so that all future visits to our site are quick and easy. 

2 Choose Menu Items to make a 2 or 3 Course Lunch

Browse our menu items online every term and select  two or three courses from 30 options each day. 

Lunch Packs cost between $8.95 and $11.15 for a 2 Course lunch and between $10.90 and $12.85 for a 3 Course lunch. The cost of the Lunch Pack is determined by the Main Meal (Item1) choice you make. Further information regarding price structure is available on Our Menu/Price Guide page.

3 Select dates to order for

You can order one day or as many days as you wish over the period of the menu, ordering up to 8:30am on the day it is required.

4 Confirm your order and payment

Payment is made when placing your order through a secure banking gateway accepting Visa and MasterCard, generating an email confirming your order and payment.

5 Relax while we do the rest

Lunches are delivered directly to school labelled with your child’s name and class details in environmentally friendly, temperature contolled tubs. 


We use as little packaging as possible, favouring paper-based recyclable products over plastic products.

Meals are created to be eaten in the classroom with minimum fuss. 

Any implements required and a napkin will be supplied with the meal.

We’re trying hard to do our bit to be on the right side of the war on waste and help Our Schools meet their sustainability goals!

We are super excited to advise we've found a solution for our Sushi packaging - it's now being served in a 100% Biodegradable / HOME Compostable bag - a material called Nature Flex. 

The Sushi packaging good news story comes on top of the initiatives that we commenced throughout 2019 with 100% biodegradable /compostable containers, spoons, forks and napkins. 

As we move forward we will continue to find solutions beyond PET Recyclable containers where items require serving in a sealed container rather than a paper bag.   We are currently trialing a 100% biodegradable /compostable container for our Fruit Combos.  Unfortunately, with this comes a greater cost in terms of packaging.

Cancellation policy

Orders can be cancelled until 9.30am on the day of delivery. 

Log in to our site and click on 'My account' to view the 'Order Summary and Edit the meal you wish to cancel.

You will be advised that you have cancelled the order and receive an Email Confirmation with a Voucher Number which will allow you to re-order a meal to the same value when you'd like. 

Cancellations are only possible until 9.30am on the day, after this time the order will be delivered to school and available for collection.

How do I place an order?
Select Child you’re ordering for. Select 2 or 3 courses. Select day or days required. Add menu items and click the “Place Order” button, you’ll be taken to the checkout pages to make a payment.
How do I order for more than one child?
Select Child you’re ordering for. Select 2 or 3 courses. Select day or days required. Add menu items and click the “Place Order” button. When you receive the pop up message click “Order More” and repeat the process (selecting your next child). If your children attend the same school you can select multiple children at the commencement of your order.
How do I know my order is confirmed?
Click on the “Make Payment” button once only and wait for the success pop up message to appear. An email confirmation message will also be sent confirming your order details. If you are uncertain, you can view your confirmed orders in the “My Account” section of the website.
What do I do if I have trouble placing an order
Logging out of the site and logging back in will almost always resolve the issue. Make sure you select a menu item for each course you nominate.
It’s after 8.30am – Can I place an order for today?
You will be UNABLE TO access the Menu/PLACE ORDERS FOR THE CURRENT DAY after 8.30am. Our suppliers log into our system at 8.30am and supply only the items of food ordered for this day. We post our Menu at the start of Term for the Whole Term and you are able to ORDER IN ADVANCE and CANCEL AN ORDER if for someone reason you don't require it (e.g. child illness/school activity). WE DO NOT ACCEPT LATE ORDERS! Please do not email asking for a lunch after 8.30am as refusal may offend!
How much does it cost?
A TWO Course Lunch has 3 price types
  • A: $8.95
  • B: $10.15
  • C: $11.15

A THREE Course Lunch has 3 price types
  • A: $10.90
  • B: $11.95
  • C: $12.85